Photobooks of 2021: A Summary

Photobooks of 2021

Welcome to Photobooks of 2021, our annual year-end round-up of some of the favourite photobooks of the past 12 months.
As before we have invited a cross-section of photographers, publishers, writers, booksellers and collectors to share their ‘Photobooks of 2021’.  We hope that collectively these selections will shine a ray of light on some of the most worthwhile and memorable photobooks of the year. 

Wishing you good health,

Martin Amis

This year's contributors were as follows:

Alec Soth

Joel Meyerowitz

Alys Tomlinson

Brad Feuerhelm

Gabriela Cendoya

Ed Templeton

Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb

Blake Andrews

Cécile Sayuri Poimboeuf-Koizumi

Myrto Steirou

Mark Steinmetz

Nao Amino

Tim Carpenter

Deanna Templeton

Tom Booth Woodger

Alejandro Cartagena

Terri Weifenbach

Clint Woodside

Matt Stuart

Robin Titchener

Jenia Fridlyand

Mark Power

Sayaka Takahashi

Christopher McCall

Dolly Meieran

Vanessa Winship

Martin Amis