Photobooks of 2021: Clint Woodside

Deanna Templeton

This is a list in no particular order... not even alphabetical. It's been a crazy year, and it's not even done yet. While all of us had a rough one last year, my fellow publishers here know, this year has been the real challenge. Shipping delays, lack of papers, openings, closings, then more openings, and more closings... It's a miracle that we were able to get anything out at all. So here is to the publishers who have fought the good fight to help our friends. Here's to the friends who have had beautiful work to share, and here is to the collectors (whether you got one book or every book) to help keep us all in business. Thank you everyone.

Agata by Bieke Depoorter, Self-published

I Can’t Stand to See You Cry by Rahim Fortune, Loose Joints

Where to Hide During Your Sisters Birth by Dylan Hausthor, Wilt Press

This Land by Martin Amis, Photo Editions

What She Said by Deanna Templeton, Mack

Amma by Vasantha Yogananthan, Chose Commune

At Night Gardens Grow by Paul Guilmoth, Stanley Barker

Languor by Donovan Smallwood, Trespasser

Red Eye to New York by Janet Delaney, Mack

Family Diary by Issei Suda, Chose Commune

Dream Moons by Yurian Quintanas Nobel, Void

Town of C by Richard Rothman, Stanley/Barker

Encampment Wyoming: Selections from the Lora Webb Nichols Archive, 1899—1948 edited by Nicole Jean Hill, Fw:Books

Clint Woodside is nice guy from Buffalo, NY. He started Deadbeat Club when he moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago. Sometimes he takes pictures, most of the time he’s making books, packing orders and drinking coffee. Usually all at the same time. 

What She Said by Deanna Templeton, Mack
Dream Moons by Yurian Quintanas Nobel, Void

Dream Moons