Photobooks of 2021: Vanessa Winship

Beyond Caring by Paul Graham, MACK

Over these last months, it feels even more important to keep going..putting this list together is part of that. A couple of books on the list were gifts from the authors themselves, it's pretty much a first for that to happen for me Some books are slightly older titles, that have been reissued or a simply new discoveries for me I remember Paul Graham's, Beyond Caring when it was first published - unfortunately it feels only too relevant today as it was back then. Though the act of making the work back then was a kind of resistance, a youthful fury at what we'd been dealt, the fury hasn't abated despite the passing of time. In others, there's a tinge of nostalgia that never tips into sentimentality, and in others again, there is joy and sublime. It's a combination of all these elements that brings light and life and hope.

Book of Plants  by Anne Geene, de Hef publishers

Rato Tesoura Pistola by Pedro Guimaraes, XYZ

And in it’s place another by Kovi Konowiecki, Deadbeat Club

Languor by Donavon Smallwood, Trespasser 

A Palm Tree Bows to the Moon by Ayla Hibri, KAPH

England!? les anglais ont débarqué! by Robin Maddock, Self

The Flood by Francesco Merlini, Void

Beyond Caring by Paul Graham, MACK

Somersault by Raymond Meeks, MACK

A Voice Above the Linn by Robbie Lawrence, Stanley/Barker

Amma by Vasantha Yogananthan, Chose Commune

Shikawatari (Deer Crossing) by Chieko Shiraishi, Sokyusha

Scrapbook Ventures in the Photographic Playground by Esther May Campbell, Out of Hand/ Arts Council

Entrance to Our Valley by Jenia Fridlyand, TIS

Vanessa Winship is a photographer. Her work explores the fragile nature of our landscape and society, about the legacy of our personal and collective histories.

Beyond Caring by Paul Graham, MACK
The Flood by Francesco Merlini, Void

The Flood by Francesco Merlini, Void