Photobooks of 2021: Deanna Templeton

Masahisa Fukase

Sasuke by Masahisa Fukase, Atelier EXB

I love everything about this book!!! The photographs are stunning, his timing and eye was on point and the printing is perfection!! This book just feels great to hold in your hands. And what a love story between a photographer and his cat(s). 

Miami by David Godlis, Reel Art Press

What a gem. Anytime I come across a photography book without any images of cellphones or Red Bull ads is one to take a long slow look at. Yes this book is a bit nostalgic. I felt like I was there quitely following David around wishing I could've shot that.

Laurel Mountain by Jake Reinhart, DeadBeat Club

The photographs in this book shot around the Youghiogheny River Watershed are stunning!!!!! You can almost feel the cold crisp air. Again, you getting a feeling like you are right there with Jake exploring, taking our time and getting to know the surroundings and the people. 

Wild Flowers by Joel Meyerowitz, Damiani 

Big bold color photos that in one way or another connects us with nature. I like that with some of the images you have to look a little deeper, he pulls you in. 

City Confessions #2 London by Ed Templeton, Super Labo

Well what can I say, he's one of my favorite street photographers. His eye is laser sharp, not only for what he photographs but also for his layouts of his books. This books is no different. You can feel the intensity in which he shoots with, almost like we are bobbing and weaving with him just to keep up. The printing, the paper, is what you expect from a Super Labo book, nothing but the best.

Encampment, Wyoming. Selection from the Lora Webb Nichols Archive, 1899-1944, Fw:Books

This book is almost timeless, yes the photos are from 1899-1944 but some if not most is what you see photographers of today trying to capture. This also isn't a book about the struggles of what we usually come to think about during this time period, this is a book about life and living it! If you happen to get your hands on this book make sure to read it as well. I thought it was truly inspiring. 

Deanna Templeton (b. 1969) is a photographer born and based in Huntington Beach, California. She has published five books including Scratch My Name on your Arm (2010), The Swimming Pool (2016), The Moon Has Lost Her Memory (2017) and Contemporary Suburbium (2017) and What She Said (2021) Templeton has had nine solo exhibitions as well as numerous group shows organized by Pier 24 Photography Museum in San Francisco, NRW Forum, Dusseldorf, Daelim Museum, South Korea, The Australian Center for Photography, Sydney, The Preus Museum, Norway, The Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, The Museum Het Domein and The Schunk Museum, Netherlands. Templeton is represented by Gallery Fifty One in Antwerp, Belgium.


Sasuke by Masahisa Fukase, Atelier EXB
Miami by David Godlis, Reel Art Press

Godlis Miami