Photobooks of 2020: A Summary

Photobooks of 2020

Welcome to Photobooks of 2020, our annual year-end round-up of some of the favourite photobooks of the past 12 months.

As before we have invited a cross-section of photographers, publishers, writers, booksellers and collectors to share their ‘Photobooks of 2020’.  With many bookstores being closed and most book fairs being sadly cancelled this year, the flavour of these lists maybe somewhat different than in the past as we are all exposed to a more limited spectrum of books.  However we hope that collectively these selections will shine a ray of light on some of the most worthwhile and memorable photobooks of the year.

Wishing you good health.

Martin Amis

The full index of this year's contributors follows:

Ed Templeton

Terri Weifenbach

Simon Baker

Alison McCauley

Tim Carpenter

Hans Gremmen

Emilie Lauriola

Matt Stuart

Robin Titchener

Gabriela Cendoya

Alec Soth

Rémi Coignet

Russet Lederman

Alys Tomlinson

Christopher McCall

Eugenie Shinkle

Blake Andrews

Martin Amis

Sarah Allen

Morgan Crowcroft-Brown

Vanessa Winship

Mark Power

Awoiska van der Molen

Photobooks of 2020