Photobooks of 2020: Morgan Crowcroft-Brown

Dafna Talmor

It’s incredible that we’re able to celebrate the fantastic books that were produced during months of uncertainty and restrictions. Thank you to all the publishers who continued to make books for us to fervently consume, despite the toughest of circumstances.

Without bookstores and fairs, the opportunity to discover new books and publishers practically disappeared. So I found myself endlessly researching seminal and forthcoming books from my favourite publishers. Whilst the books listed below are skewed by my "comfort zone" more so than I would like, they nonetheless offer endless ideas and optimism for the different ways you can make a great photobook.

I Can Make You Feel Good by Tyler Mitchell

Constructed Landscapes by Dafna Talmor

The Levee by Sohrab Hura

Meloni Meloni by Gerry Johannson

AUTOPORTRAIT by Samuel Fosso

The White Sky by Mimi Plumb

MOM by Charlie Engman

Face to Face by Seiichi Furuya & Christine Gössler

Morgan Crowcroft-Brown is the head designer and production manager at MACK

Images: top - Constructed Landscapes by Dafna Talmor, below - The Levee by Sohrab Hura

The Levee