Photobooks of 2020: Hans Gremmen

Jason Fulford

Los Angeles Standards by Caroline and Cyril Desroche, Poursuite Editions

"Los Angeles Standards” is the best of all worlds: mixing the attitude of Venturi Scott Brown with the methodic approach of the Bechers, and the poetry of the works of Ed Rusha.


Lithium by Erik van der Weijde, Roma Publications

A minimal book in its appearance: 32 pages, black and white, stapled.  But with maximum effect: raw in its form, pure in its content.


NASA Apollo 11 – Man on the Moon / The Visual Archive” by Steffen Knöll (ed.), Spector

A beautiful and complete overview of one of the most iconic trips ever made. Instant Classic. One of those books which is so well made, and makes so much sense, that you wonder why it wasn’t already there for 50 years.

Day Sleeper by Dorothea Lange & Sam Contis, Mack

A truly remarkable book. Ways of collaborating redefined. Many books this year I saw only online. Also this one at first, but that was nothing like holding and seeing it for the first time. Hypnotizing book, which i revisit over and over.


Paper and Light by Popel Coumou, self-published

The medium of the book is used in its optimum form: showing the intriguing work of Popel Coumou. It is both a catalogue, and a artist book. Playing with transparency of paper, the shadows of the spine. Making this book part of her oeuvre, not just showcasing it.

Picture Summer on Kodak Film by Jason Fulford, Mack

Great book which makes you wonder about future, past, childhood, light, shadows, passing of time, thinking of brand-new old things and if the sun reason to be is to please us.

Hans Gremmen is a graphic designer, based in Amsterdam. In 2008 he founded publishing house Fw:Books, and in 2019 he opened (in collaboration with Roger Willems and John Simons) ENTER ENTER, a space for books; a project space in the centre of Amsterdam which explores the boundaries of the book.

Images: top - Picture Summer on Kodak Film by Jason Fulford, below NASA Apollo 11 – Man on the Moon: The Visual Archive

NASA Apollo 11 – Man on the Moon The Visual Archive