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Guts Masaki Yamamoto

Zen Foto 2017
Softcover 1st edition
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Masaki Yamamoto’s highly anticipated first photobook presents one of the most daring family portraits in Japanese photography. Shot entirely in his family’s tiny apartment, with walls yellowed from cigarette smoke, broken doors and trash covering the ground, Yamamoto’s unashamed, uncompromising black-and-white photos nonetheless depict a strong and rare sense of familial intimacy and affection. Not quite dysfunctional, but decidedly atypical.

“As we grew up, we had different experiences of being bullied, socially withdrawn, sick, badly behaved and so on. These experiences intertwined with the Yamamoto family’s history and are what makes up our lives as well as the family’s bonds today” - Masaki Yamamoto.

Recommended.    Out of print, final copy.

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