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Record no 37 (signed) Daido Moriyama

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Record no 37 (signed) Daido Moriyama

Akio Nagasawa 2018
Softcover 1st edition
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As you have probably recognized, the photo across the last two pages of this issue shows a young Nobuyoshi and Yoko Araki. When I met Mr. Araki for the first time in years in connection with my recent business for a certain magazine, the photo was pasted into a handmade scrapbook he had brought with him, in accordance with the theme of that particular project. He jokingly showed it around among the staff, and I seized the opportunity to make a copy of it. It is such a magnificent picture of the two of them together that I just had to do it. The photo must have been taken around the time of Araki’s early photo book, Sentimental Journey, and I was totally captured by the impact and the message that the genuine print of that snapshot of two youthful naked fellows conveyed.

- Daido Moriyama, afterword

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