Photobooks of 2023: Rahim Fortune

Coming & Going by Jim Goldberg, Mack

Dialect by Felipe Romero Beltran, Loose Joints

Dialect is an ambitious and innovative take on documentary and the potential of collaboration. Beltran employs an anthropological approach grounded by intimacy and the artists' background in choreography, creating a one of a one-of-a-kind document about the reality of immigration.

Tender by Carla Williams, TBW

The word Tender holds various meanings and interpretations. In one sense, tenderness is associated with empathy but can also represent an unguarded vulnerability. The work of Carla Williams functions in the same manner, holding a multitude of meanings, associations, and endless readings. Produced nearly four decades ago, Williams's portraits transcend time or canon; her free and open approach, paired with thoughtful editing and design, make Tender a valuable document. It is a beautifully complex meditation on self-image and how we come to understand the bodies we occupy. 


Wires Crossed by Ed Templeton, Aperture

The history of skateboarding can be told by tracing the life story of Ed Templeton, who witnessed so much of the formation of skateboarding culture, always with the camera in tow. The artist books of Templeton, long grailed and out of print: Wires Crossed tracks Templeton’s life work of primarily unpublished photos, allowing the viewer privileged access to the youth, passion, and creativity spawned from a life blurring the lines between art and skateboarding. 


Coming & Going by Jim Goldberg, Mack

A unique blend of materiality, sequencing, and visual approach make coming and going a book that will stick with you and keep you returning. Produced over 30 years, this autobiographical book oers a view into the life of artist Jim Goldberg in a fierce, revealing manner. 

Ghostlight by Keith Carter, University of Texas Press

Highly respected Texas Artist Keith Carter returns for another book, examining the swamplands of east Texas. Partial as I have been a fan for many years, I love the gesture of him continuing to produce new works and staying excited about the medium for so many decades. Carter has much to teach us about image-making and sustained passion. 


Dormant Season by Erinn Springer, Charcoal Press

Dormant Season is the first photo book published by Wisconsin artist, Erinn Springer. This book creates a dream-like feeling that permeates through the book: the warmth of the oven on during a cold day, the feeling of snow-covered boots drenching the front door area, and the heat of a blanket and dog on the couch. These are feelings and memories associated with this work, directly or subconsciously, as the artist successfully creates a consistent feeling and mood throughout the book. 


Rahim Fortune is an American fine-art / documentary photographer, living and working between Austin, Texas and Brooklyn, New York. He has made two books of work in the Southern United States: Oklahoma and I Can't Stand to See You Cry.

top - Coming & Going by Jim Goldberg, Mack
below -  Tender by Carla Williams, TBW

Carla Williams