Photobooks of 2023: Deanna Templeton

Here is my list of favorite photobooks.

Wires Crossed by Ed Templeton, Aperture

Yep, I'm going there and I don't care. Even if this wasn't my husband this would be hands down my favorite photo book! It has everything I love in photography. It's personal, honest, thoughtful, well shot and designed. Every photo tells a story, sometimes literally. Yes, I've been around skateboarding most of my life. But for the people who don't know anything about this world, here's a beautiful introduction. It's truly a love letter to skateboarding and his passion for photography.

Dislocations by Alex Webb, Aperture

The master of colour, light and shadows. What I love about this book is that you can't nor want to simply flip through the pages. This is a book that you need to immerse yourself into. I wish I had his timing and patience. This is a book that expands from the original which was made about 25 years ago with an edition of only 40! 

The Polaroid Kid by Mike Brodie, Stanley/Barker

This is actually a box of cleverly reproduced polaroids. If you're a fan of Mike's "A Period of Juvenile Prosperity" then you will love this. 

Teens Unpublished by Joseph Szabo, Amusement Parking

This is also not a "traditional" book but a wooden box with individual prints. The photos were shot from 1973-1999. This collection of work is great for anyone who is a little nostalgic and is interested in youth culture. Both of which I am.

Lonely City by Jerry Hsu, Friends Edition

Jerry sees everything, Jerry shoots everything! This is a colour, full bleed book. It's fun, clever and fast paced. 

Deanna Templeton (b. 1969) Lives and works in Southern California. Is an American photographer known for her documentary and serial work exploring youth culture and feminine identity. She has published six books including Your Logo Here (2007), Scratch My Name on your Arm (2010), The Swimming Pool (2016), The Moon Has Lost Her Memory (2017), Contemporary Suburbium (2017) and What She Said (2021) Templeton has exhibited at Pier 24 Photography Museum in San Francisco, NRW Forum, Dusseldorf, Daelim Museum, South Korea, The Australian Center for Photography, Sydney, The Preus Museum, Norway, The Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, and The Schunk Museum, Netherlands.  She also has work in the permanent collection of the MoMa. Templeton is represented by Gallery Fifty One in Antwerp, Belgium.

top: Dislocations by Alex Webb
below: The Polaroid Kid by Mike Brodie

Mike Brodie