Photobooks of 2022: Rahim Fortune

River's Dream


Judith Joy Ross: Photographs 1978-2015, Aperture

A collection of the revered photographers' quiet yet striking portraits. This loving selection of photos edited by Joshua Chuang shows the depth and impact of Judith's near four decade commitment to photographing people.

River’s Dream by Curran Hatleberg, TBW

A follow up to the 2016’s Lost Coast, TBW and Curran make another gorgeous book. Curran has created an unmistakable visual language that includes poetic sequences of color photographs of people and places in America.

Périphérique by Mohamed Bourouissa, Loose Joints

Edited by Sarah Piegay Espenon, Peripherique is Mohamed’s highly celebrated project made in the early 2000’s was revisited to create a new look at the series featuring never before seen images. Winner of the Aperture Paris Photobook photobook of the year 2022

Recreation by Mitch Epstein, Steidl

This book contains a selection of color works shot between the 70’s and 90’s and show the artist's continual act of observing. The photos show people mostly in boredom or repose, balancing the mundane and extraordinary. Edited by Susan Bell, I consider this book an instant classic.

Mother of Dogs by Matthew Genitempo, Trespasser

The newest offering from the Texas based photographer, Mother of Dogs is a gorgeous union of thoughtful photographs and design. Handbound with craft tape, the book has a tactile element that has the artist's love and voice embedded within. These black and white photos illustrate the nightly walk of Matthew and his partner along train tracks, and are filled with romance, loss and wonder.

Baldwin Lee by Baldwin Lee, Hunters Point Press

This series made during the artist's road trips through the south during the 80’s has long been a grailed anomaly in photo history. The archive of nearly 10,000 negatives was edited down by Barney Kulok to create a spectacular book.

Beautiful Still by Colby Deal, Mack

Houston native Colby Deal’s breakout project, photographs depict Third ward through the artist's eyes. The connection between Colby and the community he photographs is undeniable. The photos appear as almost dreamlike sequences taken from a time unknown without falling into traps of nostalgia. This expensive body of work is a shining example of how to photograph and speak to hardship and beauty in one graceful effort.

Rap is Risen by Sue Kwon, Testify Books

This book follows thirty years of Sue Kwon’s hip hop photographs; many of these iconic shots have shaped our psyche around the golden era of East coast hip hop. The vulnerability displayed in the images by men often portrayed as hyper masculine is what stands out to me. Her talent is undeniable and i'm so grateful to have this collections of one available in one place 


Rahim Fortune is an American fine-art / documentary photographer, living and working between Austin, Texas and Brooklyn, New York. He has made two books of work in the Southern United States: Oklahoma and I Can't Stand to See You Cry.

River’s Dream by Curran Hatleberg, TBW
Beautiful Still by Colby Deal, Mack

Colby Deal