Photobooks of 2022: Martin Amis

Sokohi by Moe Suzuki, Chose Commune

Eight books that I enjoyed this past year in no particular order:

Baldwin Lee by Baldwin Lee, Hunters Point Press

I can’t pretend Baldwin Lee was on my radar until this year, which is all the more astonishing given the extraordinary standard of his work.  A 2nd printing is thankfully due soon.

Sorry I Gave Birth I Disappeared But Now I'm Back by Andi Galdi Vinko, Trolley

One of the most original projects of the last few years perfectly realised in photobook form.

This Golden Mile by Kavi Pujara, Setanta

A faultless blend of Kavi’s wonderful portraits and still lifes coupled with a thoughtful design. A warm and colourful portrayal of a community. 

Some Say Ice by Alessandra Sanguinetti, Mack

An incredible body of work, sumptuously printed.  The suitably simple presentation adds further weight to Sanguinetti’s brilliant images.

The Rest is History by Alejandro Acín, ICVL

Alejandros unique take on the United Kingdom’s Brexit day.  A lo-fi gem.

Sokohi by Moe Suzuki, Chose Commune

I love a good spiral-bound photobook. Sokohi utilises the format to excellent effect, shifting between different sources to tell the story of the artist’s father losing his sight.

The Land of Promises by Youqine Lefèvre, Eriskay Connection

A powerful piece of documentary work, The Land of Promises, tells the hidden stories of China’s one child policy.  An impeccable design as always from publishers Eriskay.

Mother of Dogs by Matthew Genitempo, Trespasser

Another gorgeous lyrical piece of work by Matthew Genitempo in what was one of the fastest selling photobooks of the year. Listed here in hope of a second edition in some guise being produced.

Some honourable mentions that could well have made the final eight on another day:

Metaphors by Dimitra Dede (Void)
Fastidiosa by Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccinni (Overlapse)
The Golden City by Mimi Plumb (Stanley/Barker)
Dry Hole by David Thomson (Morel)
Snow by Vanessa Winship (Deadbeat Club).


Martin Amis founded Photobookstore in 2006, and is rarely more than 10 feet from a pile of photobooks. In 2021, he launched the Photo Editions publishing imprint which has now published five titles, the latest being his own book, Closed.

Sokohi by Moe Suzuki, Chose Commune
The Land of Promises by Youqine Lefèvre, Eriskay Connection

The Land of Promises by Youqine Lefèvre, Eriskay Connection