Photobooks of 2022: Clint Woodside

Matthew Genitempo

How are you this year? Don't you feel like everything is getting faster and faster, and we could all use a nap? I do. We had a crazy year in 2022... I feel like we were traveling more than actually home, i guess that’s the effect of the world being shut down for a year or two. I am not complaining, I’m so glad we were able to see so many friends in so many places with so many books while we were out and about. Thank you to you all for coming by and catching up, saying hi and giving us a high five or sharing some coffee.

There were so many good books this year I feel like I can't possibly count them all, its a blur! This list is just a few really good standouts that caught my eye. I hope everyone found a little solace in at least one good book this year. That’s what we are all here looking at these lists for, right? There is no order to this list. Just sayin’. 

We can't wait to see you next year!

Baldwin Lee by Baldwin Lee, Hunters Point Press

Theatrum Equorum by Andrea Modica, TIS

A Geography Of Abandonment by Raymond Meeks & Adrianna Ault, Origini Edizioni

River’s Dream by Curran Hatleberg, TBW

Overpass by Sam Contis, Aperture

Closed by Martin Amis, Photo Editions

Some Say Ice by Alessandra Sanguinetti, Mack

Lapso de Vigili by Emiliano Zúñiga Hernández, Underlife Editions

Mother Of Dogs by Matthew Genitempo, Trespasser

Memorare by Brian McSwain, Smog Press


Also… Quick shout out to Curran Hatleberg for making Double Rainbow and donating all the proceeds to the Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition. I like your style.


Clint Woodside is a nice guy from Buffalo, NY. He started Deadbeat Club when he moved to Los Angeles 11 years ago and now runs it together with his lovely wife Alex. Sometimes he takes pictures, most of the time he’s making books, packing orders and drinking coffee. Usually all at the same time.

Mother Of Dogs by Matthew Genitempo, Trespasser
Theatrum Equorum by Andrea Modica, TIS

Andrea Modica