Tyre Choice (signed) - Photobookstore
Tyre Choice (signed)
Tyre Choice (signed) - Photobookstore
Tyre Choice (signed)
Gerry Johansson

Tyre Choice (signed)

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  • Libraryman 2017
  • Hardback, 1st edition
  • New

Tyre Choice is a term mostly used in the world of motor racing. To make the right tyre choice for the circumstances – at the right time – is essential for success. It can make the difference between winning and being lapped by the winner.

Choosing Tyres choosing the ‘right’ tyres. Different tyres can be right for different purposes. For instance, the American artist Robert Rauschenberg choose a high profile cross-ply tyre to fit around a goat in his installation “Monogram” from 1955–1959.

Getting Tyred having the tyres fitted by someone else. If “tire”, the American spelling of tyre, beware of misunderstanding.

Photographs made between 1962 and 2016 in Sweden, Mongolia, USA, Japan, Spain and Germany.

First edition of 400 copies, numbered.

Signed copy.