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Yu Na (signed) Xu Yong

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Yu Na (signed) Xu Yong

NF/Fine (see below)
Editions Bessard 2017
Hardback, 1st edition
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Yu Na’s Autobiography, Part Two:

"Although my time as a call girl was difficult and painful, I am writing about my experiences in case someday I want to look back on them and remember. Back when I was working as a call girl, people used to say we were night owls because we worked at night and slept during the day, which must have seemed ridiculous to them. When I first came to Beijing, I didn’t have a place of my own, so I stayed at a little guesthouse in an alley off Wangfujing Road. The room was small and shabby, with a communal toilet and shower, and cost 50 yuan per day, 1500 per month. Most of the women who lived there were in the same line of work as me. Even if I got home early, it was impossible to sleep because the walls were thin and the place was noisy. I lived with friends, a few girls I got along with, so I never felt scared or lonely. Usually we slept until one or two in the afternoon. After we got up, we’d have a cigarette, watch some TV, brush our teeth and wash our faces. Then, when everyone was awake, we’d get together and talk about whether or not to eat, and where to go shopping. We usually got a bite to eat in Dongsi, not far from the club, and then went shopping in Longfusi (Longfu Temple Street). That street had the best selection of the things we needed for our work (including clothes, cosmetics, etc.). You could say that the shops in Longfusi relied on girls like us for survival – we were the reason their business was booming. The clothes there weren’t any cheaper than the brand name clothes at big shopping malls, though. Once they saw you really liked something, they wouldn’t budge on the price, because they figured we all had a lot of money. The street was always crowded with young, good-looking guys and girls dressed in the latest fashions. It didn’t matter if it was a guy or a girl, you couldn’t walk past someone without getting a big whiff of perfume or cologne. And it wasn’t just them – I was exactly the same."

Limited edition of 500 copies.  Already sold out with the publisher.

Signed copy.

Some light rubbing to dustjacket and edges, inside very fine.

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