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White Night (signed 1st edition) Feng Li

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White Night (signed 1st edition) Feng Li

Near fine(see below)
Jiazazhi 2017
Softcover 1st edition
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This is photographer Feng Li's (generally known as “free pig” in China) first monograph, with a selection of his color works shot from 2005 to 2015. The title comes from a sentence in the Holy Bible, “By day they meet with darkness, and grope at noon as in the night.”

"I don’t know whether they are photographic works, but they do present another side of our reality. I can't explain them specifically, as I can't understand the world. The only thing I can tell is my questions. Most of the time I am the person who asks, and answers a question in front of me by asking a new. There is always a question mark following the answers. I can ask at any time with my camera. The seemingly calm world is torn by sharp flash, and deep shadows are left in the souls. The night outside my window is white as the day when the passengers walk in a hurry. This is my world, of white night." — Feng Li

1st edition.  Signed.

Some handling wear and finger impressions, and usual marking inside to this delicate book, otherwise near fine.

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