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Wealth Management Carlos Spottorno

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Wealth Management Carlos Spottorno

Editorial RM 2015
Softcover 1st edition

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Wealth management is the practice of helping to make the rich richer, while at the same time depriving the public coffers of economic resources that would otherwise come from tax revenues. Private banks, like other powerful organizations, are masters of euphemism. They communicate in a limpid, sophisticated, professional language, both written and visual, which invites the wealthy to join them and enjoy the ecstasies of accumulation.

This book seeks to reflect on the subject, exploring how the world of the rich would look if the flattering makeup and sugar-coating of their advertising campaigns were stripped away. This is a view of the world of the ultra-rich and their agents: a supposedly better life, where money does not always bring happiness and where the greatest luxury of all is being invisible, inaccessible, and therefore invulnerable.

Recommended photobook. 

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