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TTP (signed) Hayahisa Tomiyasu

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TTP (signed) Hayahisa Tomiyasu

Mack Books 2018
Softcover 1st edition
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TTP is a series of photographs made from the window of Hayahisa Tomiyasu's eighth-floor student apartment in the German city of Leipzig. His southfacing view encompasses a public park with a ping pong table, which is the focus of his deadpan pictures. Each image is similarly composed, while the times of day, the seasons and the visitors to the table change. As we turn the page the function of the table mutates, from a tischtennisplatte (table tennis table) to a sun bed, a skate obstacle, a laundry counter, a kids' climbing frame, a work-out meeting spot, and a refuge from busy streets, among numerous other uses. Thanks to Tomiyasu's sustained curiosity, we observe the habits, humour and idiosyncrasies of human behaviour at the foot of this humble table.

Hayahisa Tomiyasu was born in 1982 Kanagawa, Japan. After studying photography at Tokyo Polytechnic University, he moved to Leipzig, Germany to study under Peter Piller. He currently lives between Leipzig and Zurich, where he now teaches.

Winner of the Mack First Book Award 2018.

Recommended.  Signed copy of the sold out first printing.


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