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The May Sun Terri Weifenbach

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The May Sun Terri Weifenbach

Izu Photo Museum 2017
Hardback, 1st edition
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Elegant new book published to accompany the exhibition at Izu Photo Museum, Japan - the first solo exhibition at any art museum, anywhere in the world, of work by American photographer Terri Weifenbach. 

Weifenbach embarked on her photography practice in the 1970s after studying painting at the University of Maryland, and has since published 15 well-received photo books. “The May Sun” will center on The Politics of Flowers, one of Weifenbach’s leading projects, released in book form in 2005 and The May Sun series produced during Weifenbach’s long-term residency at Izu Photo Museum in 2015.

The May Sun series has its origin in a poem by American poet Wallace Stevens (1879-1955).  In Steven's
poem, warm sunlight shining on a world wreathed in darkness is expressed as a metaphor for light shining on memories of sadness, re-illuminating them. Weifenbach finds scenes reminiscent of Steven's poem amid natural landscapes thrown into constant flux by the movement of wind and light.

Following the death of her beloved mother in 2003, Weifenbach came across Pressed flowers from the Holy Land, a 19th-century book made using flowers blooming in Palestine, and it was this encounter that inspired her to produce The Politics of Flowers. The blooms in the old book spoke to Weifenbach of the cruelty of living in the conflict-ridden part of the world from which they were collected, and how we can engage with the deaths of others, and carefully, she draws out these words spoken by the pressed flowers.

Edition of 1000 copies.  Text in Japanese and English.

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