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Tell The Children (signed) Andrea Geremia

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Tell The Children (signed) Andrea Geremia

Origini Edizioni 2018
Softcover 1st edition
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What of the neighborhood homes awash
In a silver light, of children hunched in the bushes,
Watching the grown-ups for signs of surrender,
Signs that the irregular pleasures of moving
From day to day, of being adrift on the swell of duty,
Have run their course? O parents, confess
To your little ones the night is a long way off
And your taste for the mundane grows; tell them
Your worship of household chores has barely begun;
Describe the beauty of shovels and rakes, brooms and mops;
Say there will always be cooking and cleaning to do,
That one thing leads to another, which leads to another;

- Excerpt from The Continuous Life by Mark Strand

Taking it's name from a line in the poem The Continuous Life by Mark Strand, Tell The Children by Andrea Geremia tells the story of a birth of a family.

Edition of 100 numbered and signed copies.  Handmade Japanese bound softcover with multiple foldout pages.

Recommended.  Last copy, faint rubbing to paper sleeve.

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