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Teatro Regio Sarah Moon

Teatro Regio Sarah Moon

Contrasto 2010
Hardback, 1st edition
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On tiptoe, in a whisper, Sarah Moon takes us through a night exploration of this deserted place, inhabited by shadows and uncanny ghosts. Nothing better than this silence and this solitude could put memory and imagination together Antoine Terrasses What a strange establishment the theatre is. It is a place of fiction par excellence, a land where dreams all sorts of dreams come true, characterised by a long history that renews itself each time a dream is represented on stage. The Teatro Regio in Turin is not excluded from this magic mystery. It is a treasure chest, pervaded by history and tradition, yet always ready to transform every time a new performance takes place. Sarah Moon, known for her poetic and unique look and her evanescent black and white photographs, walked through the foyers, dressing rooms and stage of the theatre, lingering on its facade and on the atmosphere which surrounds it. This is not simply a book on architecture or a guided tour through the rooms of the Teatro Regio. This book is a performance inside a performance; the story of a dream inside a dream.

Used copy with some light bumping/wear to cover.  Inside very fine.

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