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Summer Weather Michael Jang

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Summer Weather  Michael Jang

Owl & Tiger 2012
Softcover 1st edition

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“In 1983, a local TV station held a contest for anyone who wanted a chance at reporting the weather. My role was to take head shots of contestants after each screen test. Five winners were chosen out of nearly one hundred applicants. The pictures were never used, but I developed the negatives anyway (without proofing them). These images had been lost until recently and I am seeing them for the very first time.”—Michael Jang Summer Weather is a visually arresting book. Each photograph appears in full on the page, focusing the viewer's attention to these individuals. Careful viewing allows the subtle nuances of their unique character to seep in; hairstyles, facial expressions, emotional values. They become real, if not just hilarious, people. We become invested.

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