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Still Feel Gone (signed) Tim Carpenter x Nathan Pearce

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Still Feel Gone (signed) Tim Carpenter x Nathan Pearce

Deadbeat 2018
Set of 2 softcovers
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Still feel gone is a unique collaboration between Illinois natives Nathan Pearce and Tim Carpenter. Essentially two books in one, the work of the two photographers is presented separately; yet the pictures of each are in intimate dialogue with one another. Two sides of the same coin, if you will.

Nathan and Tim chose a common motif - the railroad - to articulate shared feelings on landscape and longing. For the ceaseless desire to be other and elsewhere, wherever it is that the real and the ideal collapse into one. For the life you want but have never known, as the song goes.

And yet, we make our peace with what we have. We find - or rather, we create - a home in this world. It could not be otherwise. A fictive covering weaves always glistening from the heart and mind, as the poet says.

The nature of Nathan's search is evident in photographs made with a handheld camera from the windows of such legendary trains as the California Zephyr, the Empire Builder, and the City of New Orleans. Houses, farms, and fields: all fly by in a blur as they give way to hills and mountains, as the traveler frees himself from his beloved commonplace. For Tim, pictures made with a view camera (placed on or near the rails of his home county, along which the Wabash Cannonball once roared) speak to both the insistent pull of the escape route and the joy that is to be found in a clear sighting of the current and the present.

Set of 2  joined softcovers (32pp and 36pp).  Edition of 500 copies, signed and numbered.