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Spring in the Temple of Plastic Pillars (SIGNED) Mark Mattock

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Spring in the Temple of Plastic Pillars (SIGNED) Mark Mattock

Mark Mattock 2012
Hardback, 1st edition

£35.00 IN STOCK

Rays of bright March sunshine beam into a long forgotten plantation situated somwhere between suburb and National Trust. Sap rises in neglected adolescent wood : nature's party time. Deer tracks creep through the new heathen grove imagining some aftermath of a night before, the deeper and darker wood temporarily banned...

Spring in the Temple of Plastic Pillars is a protrait of an English wood. It is a first release from an album about The English wood. In as much as it is a simple visual documentation of a physical space, it is equally an invention, or revelation, of a unique other space imagined through observation. Describing this particular wood as it was experienced when first discovered and the imaginations evoked whilst wandering around it. Layered with multiple interpretations it describes a piece of land that would be recognised by the naturalist for it's wildlife potential, but avoided by the suburban dog walker with suspicion, a hidden corner inviting refuge for 'feral' youth and opportunity for their indulgences. In reality, however, it goes almost unnoticed. It is, of course, a private enclosure. A space where the previous use has been tidied over with the creation of a wood that has, through negligence, already grown to become a 21st century incarnation of the omnipresent 'wildwood'.

First edition of 500 copies. Signed copies in stock now.

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