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Shinjuku Lost Child Seung-woo Yang

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Shinjuku Lost Child Seung-woo Yang

Zen Foto 2017
Softcover 2nd edition

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Walking from the East exit of Shinjuku station towards Kabukicho, my heart begins to pound. Kabukicho reveals human desire. I adore it.
I slept on cardboard on the street, under neon, and it felt good. I was out of the machine and I saw myself differently. The cardboard bed is perfect for when I get into trouble.

-Seung-woo Yang

Somewhere the crow flies carrying a coin in its beak could even be an essential place of comfort to someone. Shinjuku Lost Child are photographs taken by Tokyo-based Korean photographer Seung-woo Yang during the years 1998 to 2006, depicting the vivid character and vibrant energy of the people and the district of Kabukicho in Shinjuku. Bringing awareness of both the self and a presence beyond Yang’s viewfinder, and of time just before and after, these photographs will excite the imagination of the viewer. The Governor of Tokyo announced the ‘Clean up Kabukicho Campaign’ in 2004, aiming to transform the district into a “safe” town for all to enjoy. What will definitely remain unchanged of this place?

2nd edition.  Recommended.

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