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Radius 500 Metres by Terje Abusdal

Radius 500 Metres by Terje Abusdal

Journal 2015
Hardback, 1st edition
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Radius 500 Metres is a photobook made from the archives of Åsmund Abusdal, told by his grandson Terje Abusdal.
Portrayed through a series of personal photos from the Setesdal Valley, the book offers glimpses of everyday life in
rural Norway in the 1970s and 80s. A time before wealth of the oil industry transformed the country and way of life forever.
In that way, Radius 500 Metres is a visual testimony from a period that marked the end for the post-war social democratic
welfare model and the shift to neoliberalism.

Åsmund Abusdal was a self-proclaimed journalist and photographer. Many of the pictures, accompanied by stories he wrote,
were published in the local newspaper, Setesdølen. The photographs are spontaneous – wonderful examples of the snapshot-
aesthetics that had its golden age around the same time these were taken. They are unintended historical documents and
Norwegian contributions to a glorious era of colour photography.

The book contains text in Norwegian and English.

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