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Primitive (signed) Massimo Leardini

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Primitive (signed) Massimo Leardini

Editions du LIC 2016
Softcover 1st edition

£37.00 £27.00 SALE

Primitive by Massimo Leardini presents an unorthodox study of the female form. The result of the latest collaboration between the photographer and his long-term muse, the Norwegian actress Viktoria Winge. 
Conventional landscape settings have been banished to be replaced only by a sense of place; sparse light penetrating deep within the Urskog (primordial forest). Nude portraiture, and the temptation to capture beauty, have been outlawed in favour of a study of essential femininity abstracted into raw images of flesh, hair and bone.

The female body, but not as we know it. Contorted body parts reassembled into impossible compositions that create abstruse sculptural forms. Recognisable as human, yet simultaneously strange, ambiguous and primitive.

Edition of 550 copies.  Swiss-bound softcover.

Signed copy.

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