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Poste Restante Christer Stromholm

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Poste Restante Christer Stromholm

Art & Theory 2016
Hardback, reprinted edition

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Christer Strömholm, born in 1918 in Sweden, began is photographic career in earnest in1958, traveling to places like Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Calcutta, and Nairobi. He is most known for his intimate black-and-white street photography portrait series. This is the first English edition of ‘Poste Restante’, a book originally published in Swedish. It comprises the original photographs, layout, and texts, including the unrevised introduction from 1967, a text based on a taped interview with Strömholm conducted over five days at a hotel in Paris. Titled “Before the Photographs”, in it he recounts childhood memories and various of his experiences during World War II.

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