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Ponycongo by Vicente Paredes

Ponycongo by Vicente Paredes

This book is true 2015
Softcover, 1st edition

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By putting together the two extremes of childhood Pony Congo brings to the surface the shameful coexistence of  two stereotypical realities. With a series of diptychs the viewer is confronted with the extreme depiction of strongly opposed routines. On one hand the stress of the wealthy for gaining recognition and social status from the early stages of their lives, victims of family and social pressure measuring their value by  riding on a small horse. A glossy cliché that is combined with the well known smiles of the poor in Africa.

Vicente Paredes chose to walk the line with this series of photographs that shamelessly reunites visually what very few dare to talk about openly.

Edition of 750 copies.   Recommended. 

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