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Photocopies from Tokyo (signed) Misha Kominek

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Photocopies from Tokyo (signed) Misha Kominek

Kominek 2014
Softcover 1st edition

£60.00 IN STOCK

"I visited Tokyo at the end of 2012 for 5 days. It was my first stay in Japan. I was taking pictures the whole day long. I dreamt of it for some time before, inspired by the images of Moriyama or Takuma Nakahira. I wanted to try and be a "picture machine". Nobody seemed to protest against my pictures but after a while I started to think that they were only possible by assuming the role of a tourist photographer on the city streets.

The publication "photocopies from tokyo" is the result of my trip, printed only using a laser printer on various paper stocks and transparency film." - Misha Kominek

Laser printing on transparency film and various paper stock. 

Signed and numbered edition of 100 copies.  Recommended.

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