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Outside In (signed) Stephen Gill

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Outside In (signed) Stephen Gill

Photoworks 2010
Hardback, 1st edition

£65.00 IN STOCK

From publisher: For this new commission for the Brighton Photo Biennial 2010, New Documents, curated by Martin Parr, Hackney based photographer Stephen Gill has created Outside In, a series steered and guided by the physical place itself, literally scooping up bits of Brighton and dropping parts of it into his camera. Gill employs finds such as seaweed, local plant life, a false eyelash, a jelly bear, fish tails, etc discovered on his travels or near where his photographs are made. Insects crawl across the film emulsion like creatures caught in amber. The objects introduced to the camera chamber are integral to the photographs rather than superimposed, their place in the composition occurring entirely at random and establishing both harmony and conflict. This has created strange and unpredictable images, with the inserted items sometimes in harmony and sometimes in conflict with the subjects. Limited edition of 1000 copies.


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