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One Picture Book 91: Lion King Katy Grannan

One Picture Book 91: Lion King Katy Grannan
Nazraeli 2015
Hardback, 1st edition with print

£35.00 £25.00 SALE

Lion King is a sequence of photographs of an elderly, feral cat that lives on The Nine, the location of Katy Grannan’s upcoming feature film. This place, where the American Dream comes to a screeching halt, counts the many feral cats and dogs as victims of this unforgiving landscape in California’s Central Valley. The feral cats, in particular, are also silent witnesses to an unending cycle of human desperation and neglect. The Lion King is dying, yet he paces, proud and mournful.

Limited to 500 numbered copies, and includes an original signed photograph.

91st book in the One Picture Book Series, see all our current stock here

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