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One Picture Book 100: Souvenirs Gloria Katz

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One Picture Book 100: Souvenirs Gloria Katz
Nazraeli 2017
Hardback, 1st edition with print

£40.00 £20.00 SALE

Souvenirs is a recreation of sixteen hand-tinted Japanese "Geisha" postcards originally printed in the early 1900s.  This book is number one hundred in the Nazraeli "One Picture Book" series, and it includes an original signed photograph by Tomoko Sawada, a photographer well-known for her chameleon-like self-portraits. In this case, she has transformed herself into a wistful turn-of-the century geisha.  

Sawada’s cameo appearance in this book is also a play on the One Picture Book series itself, as she authored book number ninety nine in the series. 

Gloria Katz is a screenwriter whose credits include "American Graffiti" and "Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom".  She is an avid collector of Japanese Photography – an interest that stems from her love of Japanese cinema.  She is co-author (with her husband Willard Huyck) of "Visions of Japan", a new book about her adventures collecting photography.

Edition of 500 numbered copies, each with a signed print enclosed.

100th and final book in the current One Picture Book Series, see all our current stock here.

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