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Odasaku (signed) Daido Moriyama

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Odasaku (signed) Daido Moriyama

Match & Co 2016
Hardback, 1st edition

£56.00 IN STOCK

After Dazai and Daido Moriyama: Terayama, the third entry in Match & Company’s literary collaboration series with Daido Moriyama. Photographs by Daido Moriyama are paired with Oda Sakunosuke’s 1946 short-story “At the Horse Races” to pay tribute to one of Japan’s literary treasures.

“For this project, I paired photos of Osaka, taken by Daido Moriyama, with the short story “At the Horse Races”, written by Sakunosuke Oda in 1946, and edited them into this book. […]
I told Moriyama I wanted to create a book that, by pairing them together, would give an entirely new layer of expression to both his photographs of Osaka and the words of Sakunosuke Oda.

My trick to let two artists, each with a strong personality, meet within the space of a book to stimulate each other, has worked.”

— from designer Satoshi Machiguchi’s afterword

Signed copy.
  English edition of 1500 copies.

A beautiful production - recommended.

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