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New Era by Jose Luis Cuevas

Editorial RM 2016
Hardback, 1st edition
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New Era evokes a time of spiritual darkness, in which mankind finds itself, as in a prophecy, facing a plague of horror and despair. Full of symbolic echoes, the series follows a narrative thread that suggests the coming of the apocalypse and the end of humanity, before veering towards a futuristic epilogue, or perhaps rather a flashback to the origins. There is no way of knowing.

Figures that denote evil or suffering, mystical objects, strange situations, and landscapes burned to ashes, in a montage that progresses through the concepts of expiation, purification, and rebirth. A circular setting in which opposites―good and evil, the finite and the infinite―flow in eternal struggle, destroying and renewing. All this in the face of a potential rebirth of mankind, whose previous decline is an obvious metaphor for the general malaise of a society spiritually weakened by its own fears and wickedness.

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