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Negatives Xu Yong

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Negatives Xu Yong

Near fine
New Century 2015
Hardback 2nd edition

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"Negatives is a collection of images that I took during the Tiananmen Square Incident and involves one of the most sensitive political issues in China. These traditional negatives lay deep in my cabinets for a quarter of a century, unchanged by time. However, during these years, photography itself has changed drastically; digital photography replaced the traditional film photography as a means of documenting lives and events in the new era, and online videos replaced the functions of traditional print media as a means of circulating and documenting news and information. These changes– as well as those things that remained unchanged– all reflect the environment that I am in now.

The main artistic concept of Negatives is on the change in photography as a medium, or a reflection on the digital photography of today. The 1989 images are just materials that I feel are suitable in exploring this artistic concept and as such, political events and everyday life incidents are of no difference– they hold the same significance to me." - Xu Yong

2nd edition.

Display copy with light wear to the cover only.

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