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Natalya (signed) Pauline Hisbacq

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Natalya (signed) Pauline Hisbacq

7 Éditions, 2016
Softcover 1st edition

£25.00 £10.00 SALE

Broadcasted from the 1980 Olympics, these images unfold a story around the character of Natalya – gymnast – and her mysterious relations with other girls in competition. Focusing on the outfield of the event, the language of the body, the severity of faces, postures ambiguity allows us to imagine teenagers’ dramas. There is romance. Close-up views lead closer to an underground privacy. The shock sequences pursue the idea of a hole in the story, and divert the documentary value of the source images to fiction. Pixellisation tells a faulty memory, nostalgia, necessarily disorder and fiction.

Edition of 200 copies.  Signed copy.

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