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My Journey Tamiko Nishimura

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Zen Foto 2018
Softcover 1st edition
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For Tamiko Nishimura's latest photobook "My Journey (Ryojin)", 60 black and white works were selected from her images taken from 1968 (around the time when she started photography) to the 1980s. Some of these works have never been shown to the public - Sceneries from train windows, fishing boats at the port, street performer in Asakusa, Uchinada sand dune under heavy snow, her neighborhood and people around her, etc.

To Nishimura, journeys are always followed by snapshots and sheconstantly photographs as if she is traveling, even when she is in Tokyo. She calmly focuses on each encounter and develops the images in the dark room - It
is a stance that has never changed for her in the past several decades.

Final copy with indentations to cover (See photo).  Inside as new.

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