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Mrs Merryman's Collection Anne Sophie Merryman

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Mrs Merryman's Collection Anne Sophie Merryman

Mack Books 2012
Hardback, 1st edition

£35.00 £15.00 SALE

Anne-Marie Merryman collected postcards between 1937 and 1980, a collection inherited by her granddaughter, Anne Sophie Merryman. The book, Mrs. Merryman’s Collection, presents the postcards which together form the story of two intertwined lives - one life lived travelling the world through the postcard images, the other a child and then adult whose life and relationship to her own history and her future were influenced by the collection. While Anne-Marie and Anne Sophie never met, both their lives were inspired by the postcard collection - a relationship that was born, and continues to flourish, in the realms of the imagination. Mrs. Merryman’s Collection is the winner of the First Book Award 2012, an award by the National Media Museum and MACK to support the publication of a book by a previously unpublished photographer.


1st edition as featured in Parr/Badger : The Photobook History vol.3.

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