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Margins Of Excess (signed) Max Pinckers

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Margins Of Excess (signed) Max Pinckers

Self 2018
Softcover 1st edition

£150.00 IN STOCK

‘Margins of Excess’ is spun around the stories of six people who momentarily received nationwide attention in the US press because of their attempts to realize a dream or passion, but were treated as deceivers. In general, Pinckers is attracted to subjects that evoke the magic of imagination but simultaneously reveal the impossibility of an untainted personal dream: time and again we discover that the words and images we use to define ourselves have been unconsciously borrowed from others, from the past, from books, paintings, the internet or the media. 

Hans Theys, Montagne de Miel, 11 November 2017.

Self-published edition of 1500 copies.

Signed copy.  Recommended.  Last copies.