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La Lune de Payne (signed) Ljubiša Danilović

La Lune de Payne (signed) Ljubiša Danilović

Lamaindonne 2018
Hardback, 1st edition

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La Lune De Payne (Payne’s Moon) features a haunting series of images from Danilovic’s regular visits to the Danube Delta in Romania.  Themes within the work include the return to the primitive, a communion with Nature, the solitude of man, all the time watched by the moon above.  As the photographer explains in his introduction, “ I found myself imagining that the Danube Delta was the counterpart on Earth of the Moon’s Mare Vaporum. NASA’s lunar atlas describes it as a basalt sea, desolate and empty located between the Sea of Serenity and the Sea of Showers.”  


English edition.  Signed copy.

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