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La Frontiere (signed) Joseph Charroy

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La Frontiere (signed) Joseph Charroy

Editions lamaindonne 2015
Hardback, 1st edition
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"Summer 2013. I travel to Ukraine with Florence. Without a plan. Improvisation. Kiev. Night train to Crimea. We join Vlad and Anna in Simferopol. Together we spend time near the Black sea. Lots of walking. Sleeping outdoors. It is very hot. We move often. We continue westward just as two. Odessa, Vylkovo, the Carpathians, Lviv. Encounters. A few weeks of wandering. With no understanding of the language. We marvel at everything we see. These images go beyond the present. They pay witness to the strange atmosphere of a land expecting, of a land “inbeween”. The etymology of Ukraine (україна) is the frontier."

Signed copy.

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