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Kagerou Yusuke Takagi

Akina 2018
Hardback, 1st edition

£70.00 IN STOCK

“Kagerou: the heat haze, a lake in the desert, decay heat powered by the nuclear radiation, invisible, pervasive. It was 12 March 2011. The day after Fukushima nuclear disaster, I woke up in a shrouded Tokyo: the cityscape looked blurred and twisted. Nobody else seemed to notice: for 37 million people it was business as usual. Compared to the visible devastation of the tsunami, the invisible hazard of contamination seemed to belong to another world. The ghostly exclusion zone surrounding Fukushima Daichii nuclear plant felt more real, the danger was showing its consequences. T he nature was starting to reclaim the town. it felt like walking in a floating world painting, everything was silent.Two years later I had a beautiful son. With his mother, we are still wondering the effect of radiation while exposed in her womb.”

In the wake of Fukushima Daiichi meltdown, Yusuke Takagi’s Kagerou faces the fears of the nuclear era, interweaving pregnancy and fatherhood in a transfigured Tokyo with the landscapes of the Zone and the portraits of people who decided not to leave.

“Is the image of Kagerou just a illusion, or the nuclear heat haze was showing the true nature of things?” Life goes on, no matter whether you are in Tokyo, Yokohama or Fukushima, we are at the mercy of politics and fate”

Handmade edition of 250 copies.

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