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Inochi no Chibusa by Nobuyoshi Araki

Inochi no Chibusa by Nobuyoshi Araki

Akaaka 2010
Softcover 1st edition
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Nobuyoshi Araki is perhaps Japan's most famous photographer of nudes, and "Inochi no chibusa" collects photographs of 19 different nude women. However, Araki takes a back seat to his own subjects, whose lives and stories are the main focus of the book. Produced in association with the STP project of Japan, "The Inochi no chibusa" shows the strength of these 19 women, who have overcome the sorrow and stress of breast cancer to live full lives. As a cancer survivor (and vivacious personality) himself, Araki is a fitting choice to take these photographs, which simply brim over with life. The women represent a wide range of ages and locations all over Japan, including Okinawa. Each woman has written a page of text about her experience, which is printed at the back of the book along with information about breast cancer. (The text is in Japanese only.)

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