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In The Box (SIGNED) Tom Groves

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In The Box (SIGNED) Tom Groves

Self 2013
Hardback 1st edition

£25.00 IN STOCK

‘In the Box’ is a unique and compelling collection of images from the world of Subbuteo, an iconic 80’s/90’s miniature football board game. The project, launched in 2010, has taken Tom Groves and his camera across Europe, visiting some of the major tournaments and capturing a series of images with illuminating clarity and humour which brings the sport to life in spectacular fashion. The photos guide us through the bizarre yet fascinating oddities of a sport that many people thought had died. Included in the book are images of euphoria, passion and dedication as well as quotes from the world’s top players, each providing a personal insight into why Subbuteo means so much to them. The final section of this artist book, printed on a different paper stock pays homage to the childhood game ‘Top Trumps’ and idolises a range of players from the European circuit.

‘In the Box’ is an edition of 1,000 copies and was funded through Kickstarter where nearly 300 copies were pre-ordered earlier this year. Also available are 11 special editions which feature a signed copy of ‘In the Box’, a hand-painted ‘World All-Star’ Subbuteo figurine, a 'Team Edition' of the Subbuteo game and an editioned pigment print, all of which will be housed in a bespoke clamshell box (please email to enquire and order). Printed by the world renowned EBS print house in Verona, Italy, the book, designed by Studio Thomas, features a silk screened hardcover which is wrapped in a flocked material, replicating the feel of a Subbuteo pitch.

Elegantly presented self-published book. Signed copy.

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