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Hunger ~ Epilogue Michael Ackerman

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Hunger ~ Epilogue Michael Ackerman

Void 2019
Newspaper, 1st edition

£65.00 IN STOCK

‘Hunger – Epilogue’ is the first Ackerman’s publication since his acclaimed book ‘Half Life’ (Delpire, 2010). Featuring works from his debut project ‘End Time City’, to works that have never seen the light of day so far, ‘Epilogue’ is a recollection of Ackerman’s past and future universe. The text by Jem Cohen, Michael’s old friend, gives the reader an insider’s view of the artist’s work and personality.

The publication, comes with more than 130 images (many of which, unseen), and is a unique opportunity to sneak into the artist’s latest unpublished works. Printed in massive broadsheet size, ‘Epilogue’ is the chance to see Ackerman’s work in an unusual upscale dimension, allowing us to get lost in the labyrinths of his images.

Newspaper with Hard flat silkscreened grey-board. 33,3 x 49cm (closed) 66,6 x 49cm (opened).

Limited edition of 500 copies.

Out of print, last few copies.

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