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Human Spring Lieko Shiga

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Human Spring Lieko Shiga

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 2019
Softcover 1st edition
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From the accompanying exhibition text: "The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum is pleased to present “Human Spring,” a new series of work, based on a unique form of fieldwork, by Lieko Shiga, a photographer who is attracting increasing attention not only in Japan, but also internationally.

The first time she visited the Tohoku region of Japan was in 2006 to participate in an exhibition there. Later, in 2008, she went to live in Miyagi Prefecture; interacting with the local people as she created her works, she found herself captivated by the way that spring breaks through the long, cold, Tohoku winter. Moved by the fact that the changing seasons not only overflow with the energy of life, but simultaneously embrace death, she realized that this was the origin of mankind’s constant search for diverse images, leading her to delve further into this. She tried to discover how it related to and was connected with human society and it was while she was involved in this, in March 2011, that the Great East Japan Earthquake struck. She witnessed the horrific sight of large numbers of people being killed in an instant and this experience became etched deeply on her mind. Photographic expressions that appear to jump into the gap that exists between space and time can be said to coincide with her own impulses.
This exhibition focuses on the urges and instincts that lurk in the depths of the hearts of we who live in the present day; created with the cooperation of people of various ages and professions from around Japan, these photographs have been blown up to larger-than-life size and are presented in the form of an installation. With the end of the Heisei era, this spring represents a milestone in Japanese history and we hope that this exhibition will provide the opportunity to close in on spiritual extremes, reweaving the relationships that exist between contemporary society and the individual, or nature and humanity and us to feel the intrinsic power of life."

Softcover exhibition catalogue.

Text including an interview with the artist in English and Japanese.

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