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Hits Wassinklundgren
FW Books 2013
Softcover, 1st edition
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The work of photographer duo WassinkLundgren develops from small observations or humorous twists in everyday life. The starting point is a social interest in the world around them, yet equally of interest is how photography can deform reality. The pocket-sized 'Hits' is an overview of their output since 2005, and delves into both the nature of their cooperation and the dynamic this engenders in their work. More than 100 digital breadcrumbs (images and texts), spread through the Internet since the start of their collaboration, are included, plus texts by Sean O'Hagan, Bohm/Kobayashi, Merel Bem, Diane Smyth, dewham5, Tom Claxton, Michiel Goudswaard and others. 9x12cm pocket-sized unique collection. Edition of 1500 copies.

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