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Here's More, Why Not Saul Leiter

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Here's More, Why Not Saul Leiter

Gallery 51 2018
Softcover, 3rd edition

£30.00 IN STOCK

"Saul Leiter's apartment is filled with memories, photographs and paintings of people he knew and the people he lived with but Saul hasn't found the answers yet to questions as to why he has done what he did. Probably because he enjoyed doing it and that's about it. Every time I enter his place this is what strikes me: this apartment filled with his life. It moves me and touches me just the like man living there does. On the occasion of the gallery's fourth solo show, once again, I could'n resist making a catalogue. Saul has therefore been digging in his archive and selected 34 unpublished photographs for which I'm very grateful" - from the introduction by Roger Szmulewicz, Gallery owner. New small volume (21x15) with 34 previously unpublished colour images.

Essential item for any Saul Leiter fan.

2018 3rd printing.  Fine condition/unread.

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